Frequently Asked Questions

Proccounts is team of CAs, CSs, CMAs and Lawyers who act as Virtual CFOs and Compliance Officers for your Company. We help regularize the accounts and compliances of each companies We are associated with by providing full time/part time staff to the companies.

Proccounts helps you regularizing all the mandatory compliances under Companies Act, Income Tax, GST Act or any other statutory act applicable by either deploying a full time accountant who is well versed with tally and other compliances at your office or arranges weekly/fortnightly/monthly visit by the PRO Team Member.

Proccounts shall look after all your accounting and all mandatory compliances which may be required under various statutory acts. However, Auditing is not covered in the scope of Proccounts, it can be done by clients current CA.

Proccounts excels in providing staff for looking after your daily compliances and avoiding fines and penalties. We can work in tandem with the existing CAs and CSs to help reach the Companies, the epitome of Compliance.

The accountants provided by proccounts have a background verification done and have complete knowledge of Tally. Furthermore all the KYC documents of the employee are shared with the Company and We are open to do verification on their part for the same.

Proccounts is just like your accountant who gets a monthly salary, a monthly invoice is raised on the Company. Payment of the team member provided by Proccounts shall be made by proccounts on receipt of the payment made by the Company.

You can connect to us at +91 72081 93776 | hello@proccounts.com. We shall understand your need and help you suggest the best plan suitable to you.

When a accountant deployed by Proccounts leaves, proccounts shall replace the same within 3 working days at no additional cost.

No, it is not mandatory that you have to buy 2 packages, if the work done by 2 Companies can be handled by one promember then you need not subscribe to 2 packages.

Proccounts is completely flexible with its packages, there is no mandate that the Company cannot change the package. Company can swap the package anytime as per their requirements.

A minimum notice of 1 month shall be required before discontinuance of the Contract.

The accountant shall be on the payroll of proccounts, who shall make payment to the accountant. We shall not be required to deduct any Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance or Professional Tax for the accountant. We can deduct relevant TDS and make payment to proccounts.

You can intimate proccounts with the reason for discomfort, proccounts shall make arrangements to get the same replaced within 10 working days at no additional cost.

Yes, proccounts is completely flexible with its way of working, it can help the Company by taking up the advisory CFO role.

No, it does not provide any software. Proccounts uses registered Tally Software for most of the its clients. However, if client specifically demands, it can help provide accountant for the clients specific software as well.

Proccounts shall be completely responsible for the work done by its accountant. It shall also provide monthly/fortnightly MISs as may be required by the client.

Yes, Proccounts can provide standalone services also.

The rates shall remain constant for the first 3 months. After that proccounts shall meet the Company and discuss the future course of action.

No, number of accountants solely depend on the quantum of work.

There will be a WhatsApp Group as well as a dedicated Relationship Manager for each Company.

Currently proccounts is only available in Mumbai.

No, past non-compliances shall not be covered. Proccounts shall review the same and provide a reasonable quote for the past non-compliances.

Proccounts shall take complete responsibility of any non-compliance that happens due to error of the accountant or proccounts team. It shall make good the cost of non compliance faced by the Company.

No, Proccounts is not an HR Company, it does not provide Accounting Staff. It focuses on growing the Company through correct and complete compliance.