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Proccounts is a team of CAs, CSs and Lawyers formed in 2015 on the principles of work life balance. Business owners are continuously faced with maintenance of accounts and ever changing tax laws. Helping business owners find relief and recognize areas between managing a business and managing their time is a foundation for that balance. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of the clients’ unique needs, through research, and sound analysis. We are dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. Our clients rely on our expertise and extensive knowledge to deliver the accurate results to resolve their accounting needs.

We have helped nurture hundreds of small companies into becoming successful, more profitable businesses. We have developed a wide range of custom accounting solutions for new businesses. Clients’ continued use and expansion of those systems are a tribute to the success of the firm.



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What is Proccounts?
Proccounts is team of CAs, CSs, CMAs and Lawyers who act as Virtual CFOs and Compliance Officers for your Company. We help regularize the accounts and compliances of each companies We are associated with by providing full time/part time staff to the companies.
How can Proccounts help me?
Proccounts helps you regularizing all the mandatory compliances under Companies Act, Income Tax, GST Act or any other statutory act applicable by either deploying a full time accountant who is well versed with tally and other compliances at your office or arranges weekly/fortnightly/monthly visit by the PRO Team Member.
What will Proccounts be responsible for?
Proccounts shall look after all your accounting and all mandatory compliances which may be required under various statutory acts. However, Auditing is not covered in the scope of Proccounts, it can be done by clients current CA.
What if I already have a CA or CS?
Proccounts excels in providing staff for looking after your daily compliances and avoiding fines and penalties. We can work in tandem with the existing CAs and CSs to help reach the Companies, the epitome of Compliance.
How do you verify the accountants?
The accountants provided by proccounts have a background verification done and have complete knowledge of Tally. Furthermore all the KYC documents of the employee are shared with the Company and We are open to do verification on their part for the same.